I'm using the MYOB ODBC driver to export some job and charging details from a custom application. Is there any way to update an existing invoice using ODBC, or can I only insert new ones?


I donot think you can by using the import_xxxx tables via the MYOB ODBC Driver, you can only import by using the MYOB Import wizard.

  • Yep, this is the case, unfortunately :( – Brent Wheeldon Nov 12 '09 at 5:12
  • Hi Brent,I asked MYOB, they replied me that it is possible by adding IDENTIFY_BY parameter in the connection string, such as IDENTIFY_BY = CARD_NAME or IDENTIFY_BY = CARD_ID or IDENTIFY_BY = RECORD_ID. Hope it is helpful. – schrodinger's code Nov 16 '09 at 11:46

MYOB does not allow updating sales invoices or purchase invoices. You can only insert them by MYOB ODBC. Moreover, it only allows updating Cards (Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Jobs ).

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