I am using rails 3.0.14, and I am constructing routes.rb using the resourceful style. I'd like to have a wildcard route that catches all requests that do not match to any route stated.

What's the appropriate way to construct such a route?


match '*path' => 'your_controller#your_action'

at the end of the routes.rb file. This is important, since the routes are stepped through top down.

See also http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html -> 3.10

  • Only for rails 3 – anativ Jul 18 at 12:37
  • You should not use the match method in your router without specifying an HTTP method. – Nadav B Aug 20 at 13:53

For Rail 4, you need to specify the request type:

match "*path", to: "application#custom_action", via: :all

As others have said, put this at the very bottom of your routes file.

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    Rails 4 catch-all that redirects to root match "*path", to: redirect('/'), via: :all – Epigene Jan 14 '15 at 13:24
  • NOTE: match "*path" does not include root (for instances where you don't need to have root defined). You'll also need to add root to: "application#custom_action", via: :all – skplunkerin Jul 23 at 19:29

It is not mandatory to use exactly "path" in the match '*path' statement. You can set a whatever token there:

get "*string1"


get "*string2"

Rails will assign your real HTTP-query to the param named after your token, example:

get "*user" => "users#show"

in console:

Started GET "/john" ....  
Processing by UsersController#show as HTML 
Parameters: {"user"=>"john"}

You can use more than one asterisks, say get "*id*user". But in this case you will get some unpredictable result, because Rails processes 2 or more asterisks "in an intuitive way" - for more info see http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#route-globbing-and-wildcard-segments

In addition to @steel and @awenkhh, I recommend adding the following to that route's controller action

respond_to do |format|
  # other formats you already support
  format.all { render text: '' }

Otherwise, you'll wind up with some ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template errors for formats that you weren't expecting.

[rant]Particularly helpful for those people trying erroneous attack vectors around /wp-admin/css/wp-admin.css and the like. I seem to get about 100 requests for /wp-admin/* a day, from super annoying people who apparently would like me to get a more expensive Rollbar account plan.[/rant]

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    Regarding the rant above, you can suppress those routing warnings in Rollbar (and not need the more expensive plan) by adding the following line into config/initializers/rollbar.rb (see comments in that file for more info): config.exception_level_filters.merge!('ActionController::RoutingError' => 'ignore') – Diane Kaplan Aug 1 at 18:49

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