Hi my friend who's studying CSS wants to make a simple t-shirt catalog website. He also wants to include e-commerece in the future. What's an easy to learn CMS--preferrably in PHP--do you guys suggest for him?

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I would go for Drupal as the main CMS because it's way easier to learn that Joomla.

Drupal now also features plugins(modules) which can be used to create a store (Shop Modules on Drupal), bind it to other data sources like SVN and even get it to work

Personally I have set up tons of Joomla projects and it's always difficult to get the things done easy and fast.

Joomla really is too big if you plan to have a small site.


I recently tried out oxid eShop which I liked very much.

It's pretty basic, yet very flexible and extensible.

It's very easy to understand and comes with a nice AJAX interface.

Also it's design can be changed with an interface editor that doesn't require you to know anything about programming.

If you want to have a first look at it without installing it here's the link to the store and to its admin area. The login for the admin area is admin/admin(user/pass).

It might not be as feature-complete/professional as for example Magento which is a full-fleged shop-system, but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what your friend needs.

It also has been featured in the july's issue php|architect .


also check good old Zen Cart: http://www.zen-cart.com


I could recommend OXID e-Shop. We've been a doing a number of e-Commerce sites based on it and chose it over Magento, XT-Commerce etc al.

Best things I like about OXID are speed and features. Templating is SMARTY based. We got our first sites up and running in 1-2 hours, while Magento took a full day.

Good luck!



I generally prefer to build my own admin tools but lately I have been using Joomla which is a PHP CMS. I have never done ecommerce with it myself, but I have seen a few sites that use Joomla and have nice ecommerce systems.


If you want to be prepared for the future please look at some ecommerce software. These are in general better than a CMS with ecommerce functionality.

For example look at:


You can check out CataBlog, it is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily upload images and create a catalog or store of t-shirts. It uses PayPal as the main revenue collection but you may also change the rendered html form for the buy now button to integrate it with any other shopping cart.



Magento of course, that is one of the best for selling things.

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