I have a Grid and I would like to change the background color, do you know how to do it ?

Thanks for your help, have a nice day.

Here is my code :

var jsonStore = new dojo.data.ItemFileReadStore({url: "..." ?>"});

var model = new dojox.grid.data.DojoData(null,jsonStore,{jsId: 'model', rowsPerPage: 20, query: { date: '*' }});

var view1 = {
        cells: [[
                {name: 'x', width: "80px", field: "date"},
                {name: 'y', width: "50px", field: "weight"},
                {name: 'z', width: "100px", field: "nurse"}
var layout = [ view1 ];

<div id="gridWeight" dojoType="dojox.Grid" model="model" structure="layout" autoWidth="true" style="height: 150px"></div>

You can either use the onStyleRow event or adapt the CSS directly - in your case:

.tundra #gridWeight .dojoxGridRow,
.tundra #gridWeight .dojoxGridRowOdd {
    background: red;

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