Can I get the count results for particular field from table. for example im using this query,

select id,retailer,email from tab

i got the result set,

   1  ret1 test1@test.com
   2  ret2 test1@test.com
   3  ret3 test1@test.com
   4  ret1 test2@test.com
   5  ret2 test2@test.com
   6  ret6 test2@test.com

What I need is count of (test1@test.com) as 3 times like wise. thanks.


This will give you the count of all email addresses in that table:

SELECT email, COUNT(*) FROM tab GROUP BY email;

If you want to get only one particular one count use this:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tab WHERE email = 'test@example.com';
  • thanks. it works. – Paulraj Aug 27 '09 at 6:13

To count a single email:

select count(id)
from tab
where email = 'test1@test.com'

or to count all email values:

select email, count(email)
from tab
group by email

To group all of your emails together to count them:

  SELECT email
       , COUNT(*) AS 'count'
    FROM `tab`
GROUP BY email

If you're looking for just a single email address:

  SELECT email
       , COUNT(*) AS 'count'
    FROM `tab`
   WHERE email = 'test@example.com'
  • i have already changed and got the results as like your answer. thanks. – Paulraj Aug 27 '09 at 6:42

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