I am trying to get the twilio.MVC helper attribute ValidateRequest to work on a MVC 4 controller running in AppHarbor. I can't seem to get it to work and I assume it is because my app is running behind a load balancer. I've tried supplying the UrlOverride parameter in the call, but I can't seem to get it correct. Assuming my appharbor app url = myapp.apphb.com, my controller = callhandler, my action = handlecall, how should I be calling the ValidateRequest attribute?


Doesn't seem to work, I constantly get a 403 Forbidden error back.

Just an FYI- I am decorating the individual MVC action and not the entire controller at this point.


In case anybody runs into this same issue, I got this working by specifying the UrlOverride as a Named Parameter along with the controller and the action, like so:

ValidateRequest[("MYAUTHTOKEN", UrlOverride="http://myapp.apphb.com/controller/action")]

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