i have html page with link like /with_us.php?page=digit and out.php?i=digit . how can i get all this links from page, but it will be better if i can collect immediately only digits from this links

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    I realize you're thinking along the lines of regular expression, but this is a little beyond the realm of context-free languages. You might want to rewrite this question in terms of "scraping links from a web page using C#". I imagine the Beautiful Soup library might be helpful here, but don't know if there are .NET bindings for it out there... – Conspicuous Compiler Aug 27 '09 at 7:10
  • (replied to comment) – Marc Gravell Aug 27 '09 at 9:30

HTML Agility Pack is ideal for this; this is almost the same as the example on the home page:

foreach(HtmlNode link in doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//a[@href]")
    string href = link["href"].Value;

Now just parse "href"; perhaps something like:

Match match = Regex.Match(href, @"[&?]\w+=(\d+)");
int i;
if (match.Success && int.TryParse(match.Groups[1].Value, out i))
  • amm, main question was than i need only link with such template /with_us.php?page=digit for example <a href=out.php?i=1456 target=_blank><b>go</a> but your sample with HTML Agility Pack get ALL links from page. that i asked the question to find immediately only selected links – kusanagi Aug 27 '09 at 7:45
  • Define "selected links"? – Marc Gravell Aug 27 '09 at 9:29

You might want to try actually parsing the page and transversing the DOM.

Try: http://www.codeplex.com/htmlagilitypack

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