I have a table whose primary key id is an identity column. I think that when a new record is created, id will be incremented by 1.

However I found that it is 0 while debugging. Why?

The necessary code:

  public DbSet<testDetails> testDetailRecords { get; set; }
  testDetails test = testContext.testDetailRecords.Create();
  // test.id is 0 when hover over it
  public class testDetails : IEntityWithRelationships
       [Display(Name = "Primary Key", Description = "Primary Key")]
       public long id { get; set; }
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    After SubmitChanges is called the value is incremented. – 2GDev Nov 15 '12 at 15:58
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    Have you persisted the entity (i.e. have you attached it to the context and called SaveChanges)? – J0HN Nov 15 '12 at 15:58
  • Are you checking before or after calling SaveChanges on DbContext? – jeroenh Nov 15 '12 at 15:59

The record is not created until you commit it with a SaveChanges().

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It is 0 because it is not created yet.

        TestContext context = new TestContext();

        var increment = context.IncrementTest.Create();
        increment.name = "testbyme";



That works without throwing any exceptions for me.

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I think that when a new record is created, id will be incremented by 1.

Who does that? The DBMS. Where does the record currently live? Only in your application.

Call testContext.SaveChanges() to insert the record in the database, after which the entity's id property will be updated.

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SaveChanges() returns the number of rows affected. If it returns 0, then nothing has been saved. To check if the item has been saved:

int rows affected = 0;
if(rows_affected = context.SaveChanges() > 0)
   System.Writeline("Nothing saved! Check error using try catch");
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