So far I have been working on building this Android app and was storing all data into phones internal memory..Now i want to move every thing to server so that all the data will get stored on server and receive from server. I want to do it on Apache (tomcat) server. can somebody please guide me how I can start this.Some nice tutorials or any help would be great.!!!


You may create a web service and send requests to it from your android application. Here is a nice tutorial


EDIT: another tutorial



install apache tomcat on your server, use a sql database and use json for communication. For the rest: Do you know google? Its a nice search engine. You find it at google.com

I like this book for beginning with servlets / tomcat:


  • Thanks for your reply..I know I can google this question and collect all kind of information from there...I posted it here cause I wanted to go in a right direction and can have different opinions. – Shikha Shah Nov 16 '12 at 18:43

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