I have this bunch of code in a variable as string:

.... = 40; var posY = 40; MAX_727.moveTo(posX, posY); } MAX_727.location='http://one.cam4ads.com/www/delivery/ac.php?bannerid=727&zoneid=19&target=_blank&withtext=0&source=&timeout=0&ct0='; MAX_727.blur(); window.focus...

(I added dots at the begining and end to make it easier to read)

This code (which is being manipulated as string) contains a variable value, MAX_727.location.

How can I extract the value of that specific variable ?

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You may use a regular expression :

var value = /MAX_727\.location=\'([^\']*)/.exec(s)[1];


  • You're welcome. Note that if you're not sure the string contains what you're looking for, you should check the length of the array returned by the exec function. Nov 16, 2012 at 19:53

If MAX_727.location is the only part of the string that is in single quote marks, you can split the string into an array containing [before text,*text in quotes*,after text]:

var codeString = "your String goes here";
var codeArray = codeString.split("'"); //Split the String at every ' mark, and add it to an array
var location = codeArray[1]; //Get the second value in the array, or the part of the String that was in quotes.

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