I'm wondering whether it is possible to set the element margin-left based on the value of a counter, using CSS3.

In other words, having a HTML like this:


have first block with a margin-left: 0em, second one with 1em and so on.

So far, I have tried the following:

    counter-increment: sect-indent;
    margin-left: calc(counter(sect-indent) * 1em);

But it seems that calc() doesn't support getting counter values.

Is such a thing possible using CSS3? I'm not interested in solutions involving ECMAScript.

  • I'd take an educated guess and say that it isn't possible. Also, isn't nesting the elements possible? – Madara's Ghost Nov 17 '12 at 13:00
  • @Madara Uchiha: Correct, this isn't possible using calc() or counters. It has to be done manually or with some other workaround. – BoltClock Nov 17 '12 at 17:03
  • @MadaraUchiha: everything is possible but nesting sections isn't semantically correct. – Michał Górny Nov 17 '12 at 17:15
  • 1
    @MichałGórny--nesting sections is perfectly fine, it depends on the content of the sections as to whether it is correct in a particular application. If your sections are subsections of each other (which your indention desire would seem to indicate), then that is definitely the way to go. – ScottS Nov 17 '12 at 18:03
  • @ScottS: I was referring to this particular context. They're not subsections; it's just an intended visual effect. – Michał Górny Nov 17 '12 at 22:45

For a Small Set

If you are dealing with a small set of section elements next to each other (as your sample shows), then using the adjacent sibling selector (or nth-of-type if only CSS3 support is desired) will get you what you want without counting. However, probably much more than about five elements and the css could get too cumbersome, so if you are looking at this for hundreds of elements, it is not practical.

section { margin-left: 0}
section + section {margin-left: 1em}
section + section + section {margin-left: 2em}
  • Well, I have used :nth-of-type for now but I was mostly wondering if there can be a more general solution. – Michał Górny Nov 17 '12 at 17:14

It only works inside the content property, not like a variable the way you are thinking of it. If you view it in DevTools or the like, it's not an integer. You'd still see counter(myCounter) in there.

"In CSS 2.1, the values of counters can only be referred to from the 'content' property." source


For single-line (or otherwise same-height) items you can use a following hack:

section::before {
  content: '';
  float: left;
  height: 1.5em; /* a bit more than line height */
  width: 1em;

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