How to call this javascript function in .aspx file in VB.net code. ANy help in this regards would be much appriciable.

$(document).ready(function() {

var numberInput = $('#A_SAtxt, #A_SStxt, #A_RAtxt, #A_CAtxt, #A_OItxt, #A_ICtxt, #A_Otxt');

numberInput.on('change', function() {
    var total = 0;

    numberInput.each(function() {
        if ($(this).val() !== '') {
            total += parseFloat($(this).val());



I have even tried to do the following in the page load event but it doesn't work.

    Dim sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder()
    sb.Append("<script type = 'text/javascript'>")
    sb.Append(" $(document).ready(function() {")
    sb.Append(" var numberInput = $('#A_SAtxt, #A_SStxt, #A_RAtxt, #A_CAtxt,                 

            #A_OItxt, #A_ICtxt, #A_Otxt');")
    sb.Append("  numberInput.on('change', function() {")
    sb.Append(" var total = 0;")
    sb.Append(" numberInput.each(function() {")
    sb.Append("  if ($(this).val() !== '') {")
    sb.Append("  total += parseFloat($(this).val());")
    sb.Append(" }")
    sb.Append(" });")
    sb.Append(" $('#A_TAtxt').val(total);")
    sb.Append("  });")
    sb.Append(" });​")

    ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.GetType(), "function", sb.ToString())

Make sure you have jquery running on your computer. Or import jquery :P

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