When trying to debug a program on Windows I can't seem to find where the output I push to stderr is going. How do I get a hold of my stderr output? Is there a debugger-level setting (MSVC 9) I can change to redirect stderr to some part of the UI?

Update: I have not looked into TRACE or OutputDebugString, but the code base is cross-platform, so platform-specific APIs, while not totally off the table, are secondary to a standards-compliant solution.

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Another approach, using files:


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    Basically all you have to do is: guiapp.exe 2> stderr.log Aug 27, 2009 at 20:01

When you have a GUI process stderror should show up in the output window in visual studio. You can open a new console window if you want to have the output go there.look at the output. See my answer to this question. for details.

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