Install An ODBC connection from cmd line

Hi, i want to install an odbc connection threw the cmd line, in this cmd below i can open
only a name and driver of the database i want to use. i need to add also a ip,user,password,description.

enter image description here

odbcconf configsysdsn "MySQL ODBC 5.2w Driver" "DSN=test1|SERVER=(local)"


ok, figured out!
odbcconf configsysdsn "MySQL ODBC 5.2w Driver" "DSN=test;SERVER=;PORT=3306;DATABASE=mdb;UID=root "

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    There hello as you post the entire command line. I made mine with following criteria : Odbcconf.exe / a { ConfigDSN " MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver" "DSN = desired name ; Description = My connection ; SERVER = xxx ; Trusted_Connection = No ; Database = xxx ; Port = 3306 ; UID = root ; PWD = xxx "} but is returning error. "They're missing atribultos " – Fabrício Simone Alana Mendes Jul 2 '15 at 12:36

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