I have allready compiled a few tiny programms in java and everything was fine. But my new code has any problem.

class myclass
 public static void main (String[] args)
  int x, y;
  String s ="sssss";
  s= args[0].substring(1,2);
  System.out.println("Num of args: "+x);
  System.out.println("List of args:");
  y = parseInt(s,5);

The compiler says:

 e:\java\4>javac myclass.java 
  myclass.java:11: error: cannot find symbol   
   y = parseInt(s,5);
       ^   symbol:   method parseInt(String,int)   location: class myclass 1 error


The strange thing is that the compiler jumps over the method substring (as there is no problem) but the method parseInt seems to have any problem. y = parseInt(s); OR: y = parseInt("Hello"); --> Also the same compiler message.

Or does the method not exist? docs.oracle-->Integer says it exists :)

It makes my really crazy as i don't know how to search for the error. I have checked the internet allready, i checked the classpath and the path...

So it would be great if any expert could help me. :)

  • Java's Integer.parseInt has an optional radix parameter. But make sure you want a radix of 5. If you are trying to parse "regular" number inputs, you can just ommit the radix completely. – Logard Nov 17 '12 at 23:11
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parseInt is a static method in Integer class. you need to call it like this:

  y = Integer.parseInt(s,5);
  • Thanks for the quick reply, i think alone i didn't get it by the end of this year. – user1832679 Nov 17 '12 at 23:36

Your are trying to access a static method of the Integer class

You must do:

y = Integer.parseInt(s,5);

parseInt is static method of Integer class. To invoke it you have to do one of few things:

  • invoke it on Integer class

    Integer.parseInt(s, 5)
  • invoke it on Integer reference

    Integer i = null;//yes reference can be even null in this case
    i.parseInt(s, 5);
  • OR to avoid first two options import that method using static import like import static java.lang.Integer.parseInt;. This way you can use that method like

    y = parseInt(s,5);

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