Good and easy books/tutorials to learn WCF latest stuff

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Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy

IDesign.net - Juval Lowy's website

Keith Elder Demystifies WCF @ dnrTV

Miguel Castro: Extreme WCF @ dnrTV

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The best book for beginner to intermediate level has to be:

Michele Leroux Bustamante, Learning WCF

Learning WCF

For more intermediate to advanced topics, Juval Lowy's Programming WCF Services is definitely THE book to check out.

Programming WCF Services

As for online tutorial - I don't really know many good ones. Lots of people blog about WCF, including Michele Leroux Bustamante.

Check out some of those links here for tutorials on WCF:


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Programming WCF Services


Here is a good introduction to WCF :



First I want to point out a link that provides good background on WCF: http://en.csharp-online.net/WCF_Essentials. The link did not show me how to use WCF in my own code, but the background information is good.

The tutorial I could work through is Microsoft's site. I'm very much a beginner in WCF and following this tutorial I ended up with client and server (service provider) console applications that worked.

The one bit I did different was adding a service reference to the client program instead of using SvcUtil.exe. To do that I had to run the server app outside of the IDE and enter the url (http://localhost:8000/ServiceModelSamples/Service) for the Visual Studio to locate the service and generate what it needed.

The tutorial is at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms734712.aspx

Some of the other topics listed on part 6 of the tutorial are:

How to: Create a Windows Communication Foundation Client

How to: Create a Duplex Contract

How to: Access Services with a Duplex Contract

Building Windows Communication Foundation Clients

Getting Started Tutorial

Basic WCF Programming

Getting Started Sample


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