I have a small Java program that enables a user to Upload/Download files to/from Amazon S3. I have a 'Cancel' button and would like to cancel the transfer once this button is pressed.

It looks like there is an abort() method when Downloading which seems to be working, however I am not sure how to go about aborting an Upload. I am using a TransferManager to upload the files. I have tried calling transferManager.shutdownNow() along with transferManager.abortMultipartUploads(), however the file still shows up in the S3 Management Console as if the transfer was not aborted. Am I doing something wrong?


In my program, I call transferManager.upload() method to upload a PutObjectRequestobject, and then it returns an Upload object, which contains abort() API. So I just call upload.abort() to cancel the transfer. I hope this helps.:)

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I recommend that you keep a queue of all your cancel requests, and once the file completes uploading to S3, you execute a delete action on that S3 object and remove that file from the cancel queue. That might be the most fool-proof way to truly "cancel" an upload.

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