I'm trying to set up remote PHP debugging with Zend Debugger (I tried installing Xdebug, but it conflicts with ionCube Loader). I've followed the instructions for Linux. In particular, I've added the following lines to the end of /etc/php.ini:


I don't have an absolute path to ZendDebugger.so because it's in extension_dir (/usr/lib64/php/modules).

After restarting Apache, there isn't anything different in phpinfo(). Also, I can't find any problems in the Apache error log (/var/log/httpd/error_log).

Is there anything that I missed?

Thanks, Shane.

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For archive purpose:

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8

and then restart. In Ubuntu 12.04 works fine.

All credits to ZendDebugger cannot open libssl.so.0.9.8 in Mint 12


I was able to diagnose the problem by doing "php -m", which showed me the error message:

Failed loading /usr/lib64/php/modules/ZendDebugger.so:  libssl.so.0.9.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

With the error message, I was able to begin troubleshooting...

Zend Debugger appears to be looking for the "libssl.so.0.9.8" shared object (a very old version), and for some reason doesn't see the current version "libssl3.so". I was able to create a symlink between the two.


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