I have studied hashing in DBMS (extensible, linear) and about Indexing in DBMS (sparse, dense, indexes based on secondary key, etc.), but I am unable to understand what the difference is between Hashing and Indexing. Are these two techniques used together or is just either used? I am confused because the purpose of both techniques seem to be to enable us to retrieve the data quickly, so I think either should be sufficient.

Can anyone clarify the difference?

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    hashing is one method of indexing (or a type of access method); trees (B-trees, etc.) are another. – Dan D. Nov 20 '12 at 10:11

What is indexing?

Indexing is a way of sorting a number of records on multiple fields. Creating an index on a field in a table creates another data structure which holds the field value, and pointer to the record it relates to. This index structure is then sorted, allowing Binary Searches to be performed on it.

What is hashing?

Hashing is the transformation of a string of characters into a usually shorter fixed-length value or key that represents the original string. Hashing is used to index and retrieve items in a database because it is faster to find the item using the shorter hashed key than to find it using the original value.

I think this may clear your doubt.

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    If you have new records being added, sorting the index structure will turn out to be expensive. You can also mention that instead a B+ tree can be used to organize the data to enable speedy access to the indexing key. – adijo Feb 27 '15 at 19:12

Hash is sort of an index: it can be used to locate a record based on a key -- but it doesn't preserve any order of records. Based on hash, one can't iterate to the succeeding or preceding element. This is however, what index does (in the context of databases.)

  • Hashing do not guarantee that distinct values will hash to distinct address.
  • Collision is there in Hashing.
  • Hashing results in Overflow.
  • No need to access an index structure to locate data & then read data from DB File.
  • There is command to define Indexing but not for Hashing.
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    I think the biggest distinction between hashing and indexing, which your answer and many others miss, is that most indexing schemes are suitable for sorting or finding "near" matches, while hashing is generally useless for anything other than finding "exact" matches. – supercat Sep 17 '13 at 15:25

hashing is advanced searching technique.i.e large data is made into small data item and stored in a table. But indexing and binary searching comes under searching in linear manner. and also indexing is used for making index(key) to combination of multiple fields

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