Windows Phone 8 :

I have an HTML design to bind in webbrowser control.

In that HTML I need to set the image() dynamically from my windows 8 phone application itself (Eg:MyApp/Images/Done.png).

How to set this Image in my HTML dynamically?

Could any one help me on that?


In terms of Zen, WP8 tried to align Uris as close as possible to Win8 Uris. So whenever you ask yourself "How do WP8 Uris work?" a good starting point would be Win8 and WP7 behaved. For example, you'll see lots of "ms-appx:///" and "ms-appdata:///" all around WP8.

Specfically, In order to access an app's Image resources from a WebBrowser just specify the local file path.For example, start a new WP8 project and in MainPage.xaml add:

<phone:WebBrowser Source="myPage.html" />

And create myPage.html and add:

        <img src="Assets/AlignmentGrid.png"/>

This would render the correct image as part of the WebBrowser. See attached image.

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