With a collegae we placed a hook (the pre-revprop-change hook) in svn. It works correct. If we go to TortoiseSVN -> select a revision wothout a message -> right click and choose 'Edit log message' we get a pop-up window. If one of us enters text and clicks ok it is shown in TortoiseSVN. However, if the other one opens TortoiseSVN the message is not shown. When selecting the revision -> right click and choose 'Edit log message' in the pop-up window the text is shown.

Anyone who knows how to see each others messages?


This will almost certainly be due to TortoiseSVN caching log messages. You can turn this off through the TortoiseSVN settings dialog (right click in a folder, TortoiseSVN menu, Settings) where there is a section for "Log Caching" and a checkbox to enable/disable log caching.

If you turn log caching off, you should see the messages more quickly, but overall TortoiseSVN performance when showing history will be slower.

  • Yes, that's it. Thanks. Strange way of caching. If I remove the tick on the checkbox it is shown. When I tick it again the message is empty again. This caching seems to cache things very long and doesn't update (very often). – royu Nov 23 '12 at 8:19

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