When I try to create a table in Table Storage (using Azure Local Storage emulator) I get the error "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request."

The name of the table is according the rules, so what can be happening?!

Role Configuration:

<Setting name="Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Plugins.Diagnostics.ConnectionString" value="UseDevelopmentStorage=true" />
<Setting name="StorageConnectionString" value="UseDevelopmentStorage=true" />

Create table method:

CloudStorageAccount storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(

CloudTableClient tableClient = storageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient();

CloudTable table = tableClient.GetTableReference("people");

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What version of the SDK are you using? If you are mixing the Storage Client library 2.0 and the older SDK (pre 1.8) the emulator has a problem. I ran into this as well and made sure I was using the StorageClient 2.0 library and the Azure SDK 1.8:


Edit: There maybe ways to get it work with mixing the Storage API with Azure SDK, but this is an easy solution (workaround).


At least the Azure SDK with the replies with the same error messages (400 Bad request) if the table name is invalid (for example underscore in the name).


If the table name has Underscore(_). It throws the same exception. I was getting same error, I removed underscore and it worked perfectly.

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