Is there a way to use the same variable numerous times in a prepared statement with the jdbc postgresql driver?

For example I want to use the following statement but have the same value for each question mark:

PreparedStatement ps = 
    pg.prepareCall("SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE col1=? AND col2=? AND col3=?");    

but instead of entering the code three times, such as:


is there a way to simply use the same value in each of the variables? I'm think of something similar to the usage in pypostgresql where one can simply say $1 for use with each of the fields.

"SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE col1=$1 AND col2=$1 AND col3=$1"

To the best of my knowledge, plain JDBC does not support named query parameters. You might make a small function to put the value in all of the places. Otherwise you are looking at using something heavier like Spring or JPA.

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