I'm attempting to "Tokenize" text inside of a WPF RichTextBox control. Whenever the user types a ";", the text before it is placed into a new TextBox contained within an InlineUiContainer. This allows the text to be programmatically different, and yet still be editable.

I was able to remove the border and make the background transparent so that the text looks to be directly inside of the RichTextBox, as desired; however, if you attempt to select only a portion of the text in a "token" and some text outside of it, the whole text box is selected regardless.

My question then is this: is there a way to make the textbox seamlessly selectable? and perhaps to make it so cursoring left/right with the arrows to move into the textbox rather than cursoring over it?

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    Why don't you insert a separate Run, instead of a TextBox? – Ramin Nov 21 '12 at 4:26
  • I could possibly do that, althought I was looking for a good way to tell whether any given "Run" of text was already "tokenized" or not. I suppose I could create a subclass TokenizedRun : Run and check based on type. – Chris Covert Nov 21 '12 at 18:31

I just ended up using an extension of the Run class.

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