Curious what "Toast" means?

Saw this and am curious...

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A small informational message that pops up like toast.

alt text


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    Learn something new every day...that's indeed the official name? Must be when it's referenced in the Wikipedia ;)
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    Sep 2, 2009 at 16:29

"Toast" refers to a UI feature where an event causes a small text box to appear at the bottom of the screen. The behavior seems like a piece of bread emerging from a toaster.


It's a type of Window that "pops up" like toast:


An example of a Messenger toast is the message that appears on a user's desktop when one of the user's contacts signs in. Another example of Messenger toasts is the messages displayed when a user receives an alert from the .NET Alerts service. The following are examples of typical toasts:

alt text alt text


It is a popup alert that generally appears on the right hand side of the screen, and is usually for notifications with great importance. There is generally a cool effect with it, such as fading or stretching.

In my question, the toast pops up and fades in.


Toast is just another name for a pop-up notification, a small message that appears temporarily to communicate some information. Pop-ups referred to as “toast” are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen, and in some cases actually pop up like toast:

Message saved as draft.

Photo above from Android Developers: Toasts


Its a kind of notification that is poped up.

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