i need to add a persian (shamsi) date time picker in my website and I have already asked my problem in this link.

And -codegecko wrote a true answer for me. -codegecko answer's: You can create new data-types in Umbraco to both store and render dates in your own style and preference. The process involves creating a couple of classes, one of which implements an interface called IDataType. Tim Geyssens, staff at Umbraco HQ, has a great blogpost on the basics here.

As a result, I'm trying to do so. I downloaded different versions of date-persian-picker control written for Asp.Net and changed -codegecko's code to work with date-persian picker:

private persianDatePicker pdate;
protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
  pdate = new persianDatePicker();

when I add it in Umbraco, I saw an empty box without any dates in it in content box.


I worked same as you and I satisfied. I think you must check persianDatePicker.

Please use this link

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