I'm trying to write some programs using opencv and python. I installed opencv and the python libraries from the repositories. I'm using ubuntu 12.04. The folder /var/lib/python-support/python2.7 contains just 5 files :

  • cv2.so
  • cv.py
  • cv.pyc
  • simplegeneric-0.7.egg-info
  • simplegeneric.py
  • simplegeneric.pyc

From what reading I have done, I think there's supposed to be an opencv folder around here. I'm able to import cv library using

    import cv


    from opencv import cv 

And I cannot load the highgui module. Any way to work around this? I would really really like to do something in opencv

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    What is the question? – Olle Sjögren Nov 21 '12 at 10:53
  • Oops sorry!!! I thought it was evident. I want to know how i can import highgui module. I tried from opencv import highgui and import highgui. And as I have mentioned earlier, there doesnt seem to be any 'opencv' among my installed modules. – Kevin Martin Jose Nov 22 '12 at 10:17

You must have installed OpenCV >= 2.3.1. In OpenCV 2.3.1 and higher, Python bindings do not have highgui.

import cv2
import cv2.cv as cv

and you're good to go.

import cv2
img  = cv2.imread("image name")
cv2.imshow("window name", img)

You can find more help on OpenCV docs and you could also look at some of the opwncv stuff that I have been doing here.

I hope this helps.


You will get the highgui file in OpenCV folder(installed folder) in include/opencv/highgui.h.

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