This is a very simple question, because I could create a method for do that but:

Could I do basic operations with a variable defined inside a Dofixture table? Like:

Getting the var: |OperationResult|<<MyVar|

And then, use for example Check|>>MyVar+1|

I use >>MyVar+1, or for example (>>MyVar / >>OtherVar)

Could I change if you are using SLiM or FitSharp plugin?

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You can retrieve the String variables even objects in a fitness variable and then passing that variable to another method call. You can even do more tricky things with splitting the object execution but I am not sure about other operations. This is are some examples of how I am using some variables in the fitness test pages:

Example 1:

this is how you get the value:


this is how you can pass the value


Example 2:

Splitting the execution of a script in 2 parts

|Scrip| MyScriptWithSplitedExecution|
|$MyScriptWithSplitedExecutionObject| get Instance |

here you can do some other operations/tests


For this to work you have to implement the getInstance method in your object and make it return a pointer to himself.

All this were tested with Slim, I don't know if are working with FitSharp.


No, operations like this are not supported.

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