I'm looking for a way with Gradle to generate a maven repository with all dependencies and transitive dependencies.

For example, my project can depend on hibernate. I'd like to create a local repository somewhere on the disk with hibernate and its own dependencies.

I tryed several ways but no success:

  • uploadArtifact: it seems not possible to upload dependencies of the artifact
  • Sync task: I don't have maven metadata and I loose transitive dependencies

The context: My product has an engine and a webapp and could deployed as a War archive, an EAR archive or without the webapp, with or without some components in them. I need to provide users a way to configure what they need and a script to generate it. Gradle seems a good candidate but I don't see how to create a local repository with all dependencies that may be needed.

Does anyone see a solution ?

Thank you

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There isn't currently an easy way to achieve this with Gradle; you'll have to script your own solution. In particular, you'll have to find a way to recreate the original POM when publishing the archive.

  • Thank you for your answer Peter, I was afraid of this answer. I'll check if I can use maven and the dependency plugin to generate the dependencies repository, or maybe write a Gradle plugin to achieve that.
    – bouquetf
    Nov 22, 2012 at 12:32

I found a solution which may be used by others. The idea: use maven to generate the repository and package the project as a zip using the assembly plugin. I fake maven with :


and call it like it :

mvn install -Dmaven.repo.local=./src/lib/

The pom will contain main dependencies and src dir everything else to include in the "bundle"

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