My question is what's the best way to convert multiple lists back to back into a single JsonArray. The lists are coming on the fly, so I don't want to or I can't have all the lists(list1 - listn) merged in a big list, then use Jackson to write the merged list to a JsonArray.


ArrayList<Event> list1 = new ArrayList<Event>();
    list1.add(new Event("a1","a2"));
    list1.add(new Event("b1","b2"));

ArrayList<Event> list2 = new ArrayList<Event>();
    list2.add(new Event("c1","c2"));
    list2.add(new Event("d1","d2"));

To a single jsonArray:

{"field1":"a1", "field2":"a2"},
{"field1":"b1", "field2":"b2"},
{"field1":"c1", "field2":"c2"},
{"field1":"d1", "field2":"d2"},
{"field1":"n1", "field2":"n2"}
  • Im trying to understand the question: You have multiple lists where? in class? Lets say you succeeded to convert all lists (1,2 .. n) to Gson/Jackson string. Now you want to convert it back to list of arrays, true? – Maxim Shoustin Nov 22 '12 at 16:00
  • let me give a bit more background here, I query the underlying DB in a batch mode, so let's say 10 records at a time. They come back as a list with 10 records. Then we my API is streaming(outputstream) the single jsonArray as the return. All of these is because the resultSet can be extremely big, we don't want to have out of memory issues anywhere. – Shengjie Nov 22 '12 at 16:07

I don't know Jackson but looking at the API I would do sth like this:

  1. Create a custom implementation of WriterBasedJsonGenerator (or any JsonGenerator you use) that modifies the behaviour a bit:
    public MyJsonGenerator extends WriterBasedJsonGenerator {
        public void writeStartArray () {// do nothing

        public void writeEndArray () {// do nothing
  1. Than before writing the first ArrayList I would do

    generator.writeRaw ('[');

Before the next lists

generator.writeRaw (',');

And after the last list

generator.writeRaw (']');

At the end of the day, I found out that there is no such way in Jackson allowing you directly write two lists back to back into a JsonArray. You can either implement JsonGenerator with your own implementation writeStartArray() writeEndArray() OR even easier, you can just define the startArray and endArray, and construct the jsonArray by yourself

private static final String JSON_ARRAY_START = "[" + LINE_BREAK;
private static final String JSON_ARRAY_COMMA = "," + LINE_BREAK;
private static final String JSON_ARRAY_END = LINE_BREAK+ "]";

so code will roughly look like:

foreach list1
    use objectMapper write every Event object
foreach list2
    use objectMapper write every Event object
    if it's not the last element in the list, write(JSON_ARRAY_COMMA)

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