Let's say I have a `Foos' table:

create table Foos (
  id number not null,
  index number not null,
  label varchar2(256)

and class:

// Sans JPA cause I'm lazy
public class Foo {
  private int id;
  private int index;
  private String label;

If I had a super class and the appropriate table / foreign key I could do something like this:

public class SuperFoo {
  private int id;

  private List<Foo> foos;
  // snip

And that would work great. I could add, remove and reorder items in that list and Hibernate would sort out the index column for me whenever I persisted SuperFoo.

However, in my case I don't have a super class. All I have is my Foos table, that represents a list of values that can be arbitrarily ordered.

While it's entirely possible to manage this myself (i.e. populate index myself when saving, order by index when loading) I'm wondering: is there a way to get hibernate / JPA to manage this for me?

Does Hibernate / JPA support indexed Lists as first class Entities?

  • So I've solved this in my situation by rejigging my data structures a bit in a way that works specifically for my situation, however the general question (can indexed lists be first class Entities) is still valid. – SCdF Nov 22 '12 at 21:34
  • I would like to know that, too. – s.froehlich Jan 15 '14 at 9:36

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