For xpath on c#, how can I select a node by class where the node only has that 1 class?

For example, if I had this:

<span class="red blue"></span>
<span class="red"></span>

The xpath expression given "red" will only return the second node.



Simply use this XPath:

//span[normalize-space(@class) = 'red']
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If you'd like to select all span elements that have a @class that contains red and you are sure that the string red will not appear elsewhere in the @class use this in XPATH 1.0:


If red may appear within a different class (like say centered) you'll need to get more complex

//span[contains(concat(' ', normalize-space(@class), ' '), ' red ')]

If you can use XPATH 2.0, you can account for both cases like this:

//span[tokenize(@class,'\s+')[. eq 'red']]
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