I have a script where I want to check if a file exists in a bucket and if it doesn't then create one.

I tried using os.path.exists(file_path) where file_path = "/gs/testbucket". But I get a file not found error.

I know that I can use the files.listdir() API function to list all the files located at a path and then check if the file I want is one of them. But I was wondering whether there is another way to check whether the file exists.

  • +1 ran into this myself. We eventually wound up doing an HTTP HEAD on the public address of the file, but that's not a general solution. – ckhan Nov 23 '12 at 8:41

This post is old, you can actually now check if a file exists on GCP using the blob class, but because it took me a while to find an answer, adding here for the others who are looking for a solution

from google.cloud import storage

name = 'file_i_want_to_check.txt'   
storage_client = storage.Client()
bucket_name = 'my_bucket_name'
bucket = storage_client.bucket(bucket_name)
stats = storage.Blob(bucket=bucket, name=name).exists(storage_client)

Documentation is here

Hope this helps!


You can use the stat function to get a files info. This will in practice do a HEAD request to google cloud storage instead of a GET, which is a bit less resource intensive.

import cloudstorage as gcs
# return stat if there is one, else None or false. A stat record should be truthy
def is_file_available(filepath):

    return gcs.stat(filepath)
  except gcs_errors.NotFoundError as e:
    return False

You can use custom function (shown below) to check file exists or not

def is_file_available(filepath):
 #check if the file is available
 fileavability = 'yes';
  fp = files.open(filepath, 'r')
 except Exception,e:
  fileavability = 'no'
 return fileavability 
use the above function in following way
 filepath = '/gs/test/testme.txt'
 fileavability = is_file_available(filepath)

note: in above function you may get also result as 'no' when read permission is not given to the application which is trying to read the file.


Slight variation on Amit's answer from a few years ago, updated for the cloudstorage api.

import cloudstorage as gcs

def GCSExists(gcs_file):
    True if file exists; pass complete /bucket/file
        file = gcs.open(gcs_file,'r')
        status = True
        status = False
    return status

It's as easy as use the exists method within a blob object:

from google.cloud import storage

def blob_exists(projectname, credentials, bucket_name, filename):
   client = storage.Client(projectname, credentials=credentials)
   bucket = client.get_bucket(bucket_name)
   blob = bucket.blob(filename)
   return blob.exists()

I guess there is no function to check directly if the file exists given its path.
I have created a function that uses the files.listdir() API function to list all the files in the bucket and match it against the file name that we want. It returns true if found and false if not.


Yes! It posible! from this

And this is my code:

def get_by_signed_url(self, object_name, bucket_name=GCLOUD_BUCKET_NAME):
    bucket = self.client_storage.bucket(bucket_name)
    blob = bucket.blob(object_name)

    #this is check if file exist or not
    stats = blob.exists(self.client_storage)
    if not stats:
        raise NotFound(messages.ERROR_NOT_FOUND)

    url_lifetime = self.expiration  # Seconds in an hour
    serving_url = blob.generate_signed_url(url_lifetime)
    return self.session.get(serving_url)
  • Though there is a file in the bucket this always returns 'False' for me. – Ajit K'sagar Jul 19 '18 at 9:42
  • @AjitK'sagar me not. If file exist gcs will return url of file. Maybe your url is incorrect? – Ardi Nusawan Jul 20 '18 at 11:54

The file I am searching on google cloud storage: init.sh

Full path: gs://cw-data/spark_app_code/init.sh

>>> from google.cloud import storage

>>> def is_exist(bucket_name,object):
...     client = storage.Client()
...     bucket = client.bucket(bucket_name)
...     blob = bucket.get_blob(object)
...     try:
...             return blob.exists(client)
...     except:
...             return False
>>> is_exist('cw-data','spark_app_code')
>>> is_exist('cw-data','spark_app_code/')
>>> is_exist('cw-data','init.sh')
>>> is_exist('cw-data','spark_app_code/init.sh')
>>> is_exist('cw-data','/init.sh')

Here, the files are not stored in the way they are stored on local filesystems rather they are stored as keys. So, while searching the file on google storage use absolute path rather than just filename.


If you're working with gcs files on a service like ml-engine, use tensorflow to check whether a file exists or not:

import tensorflow as tf
file_exists = tf.gfile.Exists('gs://your-bucket-name/your-file.txt')

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