What is the difference between the following dependencies?




If I include spring-webmvc alone then spring-web is implicitly added.

When should we use spring-web alone?


spring-web provides core HTTP integration, including some handy Servlet filters, Spring HTTP Invoker, infrastructure to integrate with other web frameworks and HTTP technologies e.g. Hessian, Burlap.

spring-webmvc is an implementation of Spring MVC. spring-webmvc depends on on spring-web, thus including it will transitively add spring-web. You don't have to add spring-web explicitly.

You should depend only on spring-web if you don't use Spring MVC but want to take advantage of other web-related technologies that Spring supports.

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    Agree, +1. But rare case scenario: Including spring-webmvc inturn adds spring-web, but say if you have spring-webmvc version as 4.0.2, and you add another dependency say swagger-springmvc version of 0.8.8, then it adds spring-web version of 3.2.x. In this case you might get class not found exceptions, So here, you have to explicitly add spring-web and version as 4.0.2. I encountered this today – spiderman Nov 7 '14 at 16:57
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    @spiderman I would exclude the transitive spring-web dependency in swagger-springmvc – Roger Mar 9 '16 at 5:40
  • @tomasz-nurkiewicz what's difference between spring-jms and spring-messaging module – legend Oct 2 '18 at 13:22
  • When you want to build an application which will be a rest api and you will not need view (jsp) at all, what you should use? spring-web or spring-webmvc? – Mohammad Eghlima Apr 25 at 18:24

From the official doc: The spring-web module provides basic web-oriented integration features such as multipart file upload functionality and the initialization of the IoC container using Servlet listeners and a web-oriented application context. It also contains an HTTP client and the web-related parts of Spring’s remoting support.

The spring-webmvc module (also known as the Web-Servlet module) contains Spring’s model-view-controller (MVC) and REST Web Services implementation for web applications. Spring’s MVC framework provides a clean separation between domain model code and web forms and integrates with all of the other features of the Spring Framework.

The spring-webmvc-portlet module (also known as the Web-Portlet module) provides the MVC implementation to be used in a Portlet environment and mirrors the functionality of the Servlet-based spring-webmvc module.


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