I am trying to map create a result map that will populate vehicleVO. I want to map few columns to vehicleDocuments HashMap. I am having the data to be populated also present in the same table.

public class VehicleVO implements Serializable {
    public String vehicleId;
    public String vehicleNumber;
    public String model;
    public Map<String, Date> vehicleDocuments;
    public TransportVO transport;
    public String distanceTraveled;


I am trying to use the following xml for mapping. But it don't seem to work. I a gettign this error

"The content of element type "resultMap" must match "(constructor?,id*,result*,association*,collection*,discriminator?)".

<resultMap id="BaseResultMap" type="com.svms.service.vo.VehicleVO">
        <id column="vehicle_id" jdbcType="BIGINT" property="vehicleId" />
        <result column="vehicle_no" jdbcType="VARCHAR" property="vehicleNumber" />
        <result column="Model" jdbcType="VARCHAR" property="model" />
        <association property="vehicleDocuments" javaType="java.util.HashMap">
            <result column="FC" jdbcType="DATE" property="FC_TD" />
            <result column="TAX" jdbcType="DATE" property="TAX_TD" />
            <result column="Insureance" jdbcType="DATE" property="INSURANCE_TD" />
            <result column="Form47" jdbcType="DATE" property="FORM47_TD" />
            <result column="NC" jdbcType="DATE" property="NC_TD" />
        <result column="total_distance" jdbcType="INTEGER" property="distanceTraveled" />
        <result column="transport_id" jdbcType="BIGINT" property="transportId" />

If my understanding is correct, Trying to map to an hashMap can also be considered as association mapping. But this is a one to one mapping only. I also tried using the <collection> tag for mapping. Still I get the same error.


The order of elements under 'resultMap' should be maintained as dictated by the DTD. Move all the 'result' tags to appear before the 'association' tag.


You'll need to implement a ResultHandler to build a Hashmap unfortunately.

Also, the DTD error you mention is because the result elements must be before the association elements.

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    @devdanke - I disagree. While it's true the error message quoted is a DTD validation error, the gist of the question is "I want to map few columns to vehicleDocuments HashMap.", which needs to be accomplished using a ResultHandler, at least it did in 2012.
    – Andy
    Mar 24 '15 at 4:06

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