I'm using crypto/rsa, and trying to find a way to properly save and load a key. Is there a correct way to create a []byte from an rsa.PrivateKey. If so, is there a way to properly do so for an rsa.PublicKey?

Thank you all very much.


You need some sort of format to marshal the key into. One format supported by the Go standard library can be found here: http://golang.org/pkg/crypto/x509/#MarshalPKCS1PrivateKey

func MarshalPKCS1PrivateKey(key *rsa.PrivateKey) []byte

The inverse function is http://golang.org/pkg/crypto/x509/#ParsePKCS1PrivateKey.

func ParsePKCS1PrivateKey(der []byte) (key *rsa.PrivateKey, err error)

However, it is relatively standard to encode the marshaled key into a PEM file.

pemdata := pem.EncodeToMemory(
        Type: "RSA PRIVATE KEY",
        Bytes: x509.MarshalPKCS1PrivateKey(key),

You can find a full example here.

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    And the public part? – user2312578 May 23 '14 at 16:27
  • You can always extract the public key from a private key. If you only want to write the public key you can use x509.MarshalPKIXPublicKey – Alexander Ekdahl May 5 at 5:08

Here's code snippet that shows the import and export of both public and private keys. It's based on the other answers which were super helpful, as well as copy-pasta from the official docs.

package main

import (

func GenerateRsaKeyPair() (*rsa.PrivateKey, *rsa.PublicKey) {
    privkey, _ := rsa.GenerateKey(rand.Reader, 4096)
    return privkey, &privkey.PublicKey

func ExportRsaPrivateKeyAsPemStr(privkey *rsa.PrivateKey) string {
    privkey_bytes := x509.MarshalPKCS1PrivateKey(privkey)
    privkey_pem := pem.EncodeToMemory(
                    Type:  "RSA PRIVATE KEY",
                    Bytes: privkey_bytes,
    return string(privkey_pem)

func ParseRsaPrivateKeyFromPemStr(privPEM string) (*rsa.PrivateKey, error) {
    block, _ := pem.Decode([]byte(privPEM))
    if block == nil {
            return nil, errors.New("failed to parse PEM block containing the key")

    priv, err := x509.ParsePKCS1PrivateKey(block.Bytes)
    if err != nil {
            return nil, err

    return priv, nil

func ExportRsaPublicKeyAsPemStr(pubkey *rsa.PublicKey) (string, error) {
    pubkey_bytes, err := x509.MarshalPKIXPublicKey(pubkey)
    if err != nil {
            return "", err
    pubkey_pem := pem.EncodeToMemory(
                    Type:  "RSA PUBLIC KEY",
                    Bytes: pubkey_bytes,

    return string(pubkey_pem), nil

func ParseRsaPublicKeyFromPemStr(pubPEM string) (*rsa.PublicKey, error) {
    block, _ := pem.Decode([]byte(pubPEM))
    if block == nil {
            return nil, errors.New("failed to parse PEM block containing the key")

    pub, err := x509.ParsePKIXPublicKey(block.Bytes)
    if err != nil {
            return nil, err

    switch pub := pub.(type) {
    case *rsa.PublicKey:
            return pub, nil
            break // fall through
    return nil, errors.New("Key type is not RSA")

func main() {

    // Create the keys
    priv, pub := GenerateRsaKeyPair()

    // Export the keys to pem string
    priv_pem := ExportRsaPrivateKeyAsPemStr(priv)
    pub_pem, _ := ExportRsaPublicKeyAsPemStr(pub)

    // Import the keys from pem string
    priv_parsed, _ := ParseRsaPrivateKeyFromPemStr(priv_pem)
    pub_parsed, _ := ParseRsaPublicKeyFromPemStr(pub_pem)

    // Export the newly imported keys
    priv_parsed_pem := ExportRsaPrivateKeyAsPemStr(priv_parsed)
    pub_parsed_pem, _ := ExportRsaPublicKeyAsPemStr(pub_parsed)


    // Check that the exported/imported keys match the original keys
    if priv_pem != priv_parsed_pem || pub_pem != pub_parsed_pem {
            fmt.Println("Failure: Export and Import did not result in same Keys")
    } else {
  • Slight problem with your verification at the end: the condition should be || not && – Max Jul 26 '17 at 15:00

Since the public key part of your question wasn't answered and I just ran into the same problem and solved it, here it is:

Note the & in front of the Argument to MarshalPKIXPublicKey

Priv := rsa.GenerateKey(rand.Reader, 4096)

PubASN1, err := x509.MarshalPKIXPublicKey(&Priv.PublicKey)
if err != nil {
    // do something about it

pubBytes = pem.EncodeToMemory(&pem.Block{
    Type:  "RSA PUBLIC KEY",
    Bytes: PubASN1,

ioutil.WriteFile("key.pub", PubBytes, 0644)

Relevant reads:

  • MarshalPKIXPublicKey(pub interface{}) ([]byte, error) godoc
  • EncodeToMemory(b *Block) []byte godoc
  • Block godoc

PS: MarshalPKIXPublicKey also accepts ECDSA keys, ajust the pem header appropriately.

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