I am using FlasCC. My app works fine but takes long to load. I get a message that it has exceeded 15 seconds (Error #1502). How can I make this time longer?

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The short answer is that you can't increase the max timeout.

The long answer is that you can work around it:

  1. If you're doing a lot of computation in your FlasCC code
    1. You could break up your execution into smaller "chunks" that get called asynchronously.
    2. You could use pthreads within your FlasCC C code (FP 11.5+)
  2. You could put your FlasCC instance into a Worker thread (FP 11.4+)

If you use mxmlc for compiling swf, you can use option 'max-execution-time'

You can increase the max timeout for your local testing purposes. Check out how to set the ScriptStuckTimeout variable in mms.cfg.

Note that if your program exceeds even the extended timeout that you specify, Flash player will still show a message saying "exceeded 15 seconds", even though in fact it was waiting for longer.

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