I have a menu - each menu item has a class name. When I click on the menu item I am using JQuery to find a div with a matching ID name. The problem is that the search isn't strict. If something has a class name like elo-1 and I have div IDs name elo-1 and elo-11 there is no way (the way I am doing this) to get just elo-1.

I would like to get an exact match. I would like to click on elo-1 and only get elo-1, not elo-1, elo-11, elo-12, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

Here is teh code I am using:

        $(document).ready(function() {

    var myLayoutId = $(this).attr("layoutId");


    $("li").click(function() {
        var thisID = $(this).attr("class");
        $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).show().siblings().hide();
        $('#mainBdy div[id^="'+thisID+'"]').show();

        $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("width","30%");
        $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("margin-left","-80px");
        $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("margin-top","-50px");
        $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("float","left");


    $("#start_page_accept").click(function() {

        effect: "slide",             // The effect to use when expanding and collapsing the menu. 
        initialCollapse: true       // When true, collapses the menu when the page loads.

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    To just select elo-1, use $("#elo-1"). Also, you have invalid syntax here: div:#"+thisID remove : – Kevin B Nov 26 '12 at 15:41

Modify your selector to avoid starts-with matching:

$('#mainBdy div[id^="'+thisID+'"]').show();

This matches anything that starts with your value, which is not what you want:

$('#mainBdy div[id="'+thisID+'"]').show();

This matches only those items whose id attribute is equal to your value.

Additional Suggestions

Note also that you're binding to individual list items:


This could become tasking to your app since you're adding an event handler for every new list item that is placed on the page. Event Delegation is a far better approach, and consists of adding one event handler to the ancestor element, using event-bubbling to respond to events on nested items.

<ul id="list">
    <li class="edo-1">Edoine Mashlup</li>

Suppose this was our markup (toss in another 100 list items for good measure), the following would be our event-delegation instruction:

$("#list").on("click", "li", function () {
    $("#" + this.className).show().css({
        width:      '30%',
        marginLeft: '-80px',
        marginTop:  '-50px',
        float:      'left'

Anytime a click event occurs on, or within our #list element, we will evaluate whether the target (the element that received the click) matches our selector li. If it does, we trigger our function - otherwise, we ignore it and let it bubble up the DOM.

  • Thank you. I used your suggestions (altered a bit). This is my changes: $("#navBar").on("click", "li", function () { $('#mainBdy div[class="'+this.id+'"]').show().css({ width: '30%', marginLeft: '-80px', marginTop: '-50px', float: 'left' }) .siblings().hide(); $('#mainBdy div[class="'+this.id+'"]').show(); }); – JGibb Nov 26 '12 at 17:24
  • @JGibb Why are you calling .show twice? – Sampson Nov 26 '12 at 18:35

Replace this:

    $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).show().siblings().hide();
    $('#mainBdy div[id^="'+thisID+'"]').show();

    $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("width","30%");
    $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("margin-left","-80px");
    $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("margin-top","-50px");
    $("#mainBdy div:#"+thisID).css("float","left");

With this:

$('#' + thisID).show().css({
    'width': '30%',
    'margin-left': '-80px',
    'margin-top': '-50px',
    'float': 'left'

A couple of notes:

  • Chaining in jQuery is super powerful and avoids re-querying the DOM if you are going to do multiple things with the same element. You could likewise store the results of a jQuery search doing something like var $div = $('#' + thisID); - in either case, you just don't want to do the same selector over and over.
  • IDs are supposed to be unique in the document, so I am assuming there is only one element with an ID of "elo-1" in the document. If that's true, which it should be, doing a complicated selector like '#mainBdy div[id^="'+thisID+'"]' is just stopping jQuery from being able to use the native getElementById which is a gallizion times more effective (not to mention cleaner).
  • As you can see, css accepts an object so you don't have to call it more than once. I would personally simply add a class to the menu item and handle the style in my stylesheet. It is much easier from a maintainability standpoint.
  • you would have to use .end() to get back to the correct div.. or chain css before traversing to the siblings – ᾠῗᵲᄐᶌ Nov 26 '12 at 15:46
  • @wirey oops, just caught that. fixed. – Paolo Bergantino Nov 26 '12 at 15:48

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