My IF statement below keeps error shooting, stating that there are too many arguments.

Why is this? Can anyone see any errors in the statement below?


IF format :

IF(test, exec if true, exec if false)

All your IFs have 4 arguments.

If I understand what you're trying to do, you should try :


All your IFs have too many arguments - ",H7/1.15,L7,IF - The structure of if is:

=If(condition, If True, If False)

Only 2 commas allowed


All of them has 4 arguments. Which is too many. They should only have three.

I do not know how you planned this, but my guess is that the solution is:



Your IF statements seem to be including too many parameters, there should just be a condition, a true and a false value. See MSDN.


Possibly simpler to use a VLOOKUP function in these circumstances - set up a two column table somewhere on your worksheet with currencies in column 1 and the divisor/conversion amount for each in column 2 - name the table CurrTable then you can use this formula


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