I want to know if a given recipe has been applied to a list of N nodes managed to Chef. How can I do this easily.

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I suspect you're looking for something like this:

knife search node "recipes:<recipe_name>"

This will apply for explicit run lists as well as expanded (implicit) run lists.

There is more detailed documentation on knife searches here:


  • I found that neither knife search node 'recipes:my_cookbook' nor knife search node 'recipes:my_cookbook::default' was sufficient. knife search node 'recipes:my_cookbook\:\:default' did the trick for me. – jayhendren Mar 27 '18 at 20:52

You can accomplish this easily using knife (knife is your friend!).

To get a list of all of your nodes:

knife node list

To get a list of all of your nodes in a given environment:

knife node list --environment <ENVIRONMENT>

With a list of nodes in hand, you can then display details for a node using:

knife node show <NODE_ID>

A knife node show, will display:

Node Name:   
Run List:    

The Recipes: line is a list of the recipes which have been applied to a node.

Using knife search you can search for a set of nodes which meet specific criteria. Using it, you could find nodes that do or don't have a specific recipe applied to them.


If you mean inside a recipe, You can use search, for example

ruby_nodes = search(:node, "recipes:ruby_build")

In order to achieve your actual question, you could do something like:

[''].include?(ruby_nodes.map{|node| node[:ipaddress]})

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