I am using CCur() instead of CDbl() as answered in this question:

vbscript mathematical expression not working

But I want to display amount to decimal places e.g 3 should be 3.00 and 3.555 should be 3.55.

How can I achieve this using CCur() function?

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CCur() is a "Convert to Currency" function, not a number formatting function.

Use following functions instead:

FormatNumber(number [,DecimalPlaces [,IncludeLeadingZero [,UseParenthesis [, GroupDigits]]]] )



number : The number to format.
DecimalPlaces : Number of digits to display after the decimal point.
IncludeLeadingZero : Include a leading zero for numbers <1 and > -1
UseParenthesis : Show negative numbers in Parentheis (500) = -500
GroupDigits : Group large numbers with commas (or the regional delimiter)


To fix to 2 decimal places without rounding;

curvar = int(curvar  * 100) / 100

To format for display (3 -> "3.00":

curvar  = formatnumber(int(curvar * 100) / 100, 2)

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