Missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping.

Mapping types:
Cities_C391BA93C06F35100522AFBFA8F6BF3823972C9E97D5A49783829A4E90A03F00 -> IEnumerable`1
System.Data.Entity.DynamicProxies.Cities_C391BA93C06F35100522AFBFA8F6BF3823972C9E97D5A49783829A4E90A03F00 -> System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[[OsosPlus2.Core.DataAccess.Cities, OsosPlus2.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]

Destination path:

Source value:

Action Method:

public ActionResult _EditCustomer(int CustomerId)
    Customers customer = entity.Customers.FirstOrDefault(x => x.sno == CustomerId);
    CustomerViewModel customerViewModel = new CustomerViewModel();
    customerViewModel = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Customers, CustomerViewModel>(customer);

    customerViewModel.Sectors = entity.Sectors;
    customerViewModel.Cities = entity.Cities;
    customerViewModel.PowerSuppliers = entity.PowerSuppliers;

    return PartialView(customerViewModel);

When I fetch customer from entity, I get above error. Why only I get this error after fetching?

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It looks like you want to ignore Cities, Sectors and PowerSuppliers from your mapping.

Mapper.CreateMap<Customers, CustomerViewModel>()
                .ForMember(c => c.Sectors, option => option.Ignore())
                .ForMember(c => c.Cities , option => option.Ignore())
                .ForMember(c => c.PowerSuppliers , option => option.Ignore());

I made this assumption since you are setting them manually. Of course you could create mappings for these and automap them as well.

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