Well I am tryng to have a queue which is concurrent, but concurrency_queue isn't standard C++ and it's for windows, linux doesn't have it. Is there anything for linux like this (with the same functions like in the windows equivalent?)?

Edit: This is needed to port this windows code to linux:

#include <concurrent_queue.h>

#ifdef defined(WIN32) || defined(_WIN32) || defined(__WIN32__)
    #define SLEEP(x) { Sleep(x); }
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <process.h>
    #define OS_WINDOWS
    #define EXIT_THREAD() { _endthread(); }
    #define START_THREAD(a, b) { _beginthread( a, 0, (void *)( b ) ); }
    #include <pthread.h>
    #define sscanf_s sscanf
    #define sprintf_s sprintf
    #define EXIT_THREAD() { pthread_exit( NULL ); }
    #define START_THREAD(a, b) {    pthread_t thread;\
                                pthread_create( &thread, NULL, a, (void *)( b ) ); }

using namespace std;
using namespace Concurrency;

struct QuedData
    int start;
    int end;
    int extraid;
    AMX * script;
    QuedData(){start = 0;end = 0;extraid = 0;script = NULL;}
    QuedData(int start_,int end_,int extraid_, AMX * script_){start = start_;end = end_;extraid = extraid_;script = script_;}

struct PassData //thanks to DeadMG for improvements.
    std::vector<cell> Paths;
    int extraid;
    AMX * script;
    cell MoveCost;
    PassData(){extraid = 0;script = NULL;MoveCost = 0;Paths.clear();}
    template<typename Iterator> PassData(Iterator begin, Iterator end, int extraid_, cell MoveCost_, AMX * script_)
        : Paths(begin, end)
    {extraid = extraid_;MoveCost = MoveCost_;script = script_;}

concurrent_queue            <QuedData>          QueueVector;
concurrent_queue            <PassData>          PassVector;
PassData LocalPass;

        amx_Push(LocalPass.script, LocalPass.MoveCost);

static cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL n_CalculatePath( AMX* amx, cell* params )
    return 1;

bool PLUGIN_CALL Load( void **ppData )
    START_THREAD( Thread::BackgroundCalculator, 0);
    return true;

QuedData RecievedData;
vector <cell>tbcway;
cell tbccostx;
    void Thread::BackgroundCalculator( void *unused )
    void *Thread::BackgroundCalculator( void *unused )
    while( true ){
            dgraph->findPath_r(xNode[RecievedData.start].NodeID ,xNode[RecievedData.end].NodeID,tbcway,tbccostx);

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The Visual C++ concurrent_queue is actually based on the Intel Threading Building Block Library (If you open concurrent_queue.h header file in VC++ you will see an acknowledgement)

You can get the library from


The library will run on Linux as well.

  • which headers are specific to the queue in TBB? #include "tbb/concurrent_queue.h" I suppose? :)
    – user1182183
    Nov 28, 2012 at 7:33

I think threadpool does this or an unofficial Boost enhancement called lockfree and should by now be part of Boost::Atomics. I haven't use both but let us know if you have any luck.


I would suggest looking at https://github.com/romanek-adam/boost_locking_queue for the code and the article that goes with it at Implementing a Thread-Safe Queue using Condition Variables

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