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C++ concatenate string and int

I am tryinging to make use many strings and ints to make a single string but I am getting the message: "error C2110: '+' : cannot add two pointers"

This is my code:

transactions[0] = "New Account Made, Customer ID: " + ID + ", Customer Name : " + firstName + " " + secondName + endl + ", Account ID: " + setID + ", Account Name: " + setName;

(note that ID and setID is an int)

  • Try using '\n' instead of endl. – wjm Nov 28 '12 at 3:00

Use a stringstream:

#include <sstream>

std::stringstream stm;
stm<<"New Account Made, Customer ID: "<<ID<<", Customer Name : "<<firstName<<" "<<secondName<<std::endl<<", Account ID: "<<setID<<", Account Name: "<<setName;

You can then access the resulting string with stm.str().


You should use a string stream: write the string into it; then write the int. Finally, harvest the result through the str() method of the stream:

stringstream ss;
string hello("hello");
int world = 1234;
ss << hello << world << endl;
string res = ss.str();
cout << res << endl;

Here is a link to a demo on ideone.

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