i am implementing one application in which i have to display a time difference in total hour from end date to start date. suppose i have both start date and end date in timestamp.so how i will get the difference of date in total hour ? now i am using the below code

 $intervalo = date_diff(date_create(), date_create($end));

and the output is like

DateInterval Object
    [y] => 0
    [m] => 1
    [d] => 4
    [h] => 18
    [i] => 41
    [s] => 2
    [invert] => 0
    [days] => 34

the above code show me the total hour baut the end date is greater then 1month it shows 1m in array . but i only want total number of hour only can any one help me ? thanks in advance


Don't use date_diff. Convert the dates to timestamps (which represent seconds), subtract the two, and divide by 3600.

$x = date_create();
$y = date_create($end)
$hours = ($y->getTimestamp() - $x->getTimestamp()) / 3600;

If you want hours, minutes, and seconds:

$x = date_create();
$y = date_create($end)
$diff = ($y->getTimestamp() - $x->getTimestamp());

$seconds = $diff % 60;
$diff    = (int)($diff / 60);
$minutes = $diff % 60;
$diff    = (int)($diff / 60);
$hours   = $diff;
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    This is true for any situation where you need the difference in "clock time" (ie. hours, minutes, or seconds) -- as is the case in this question. However, if you need calendar time (ie. days, months, or years), you should use date_diff in order to avoid being thrown off by irregularities like daylight savings time, and leap year. – Lee Nov 28 '12 at 6:02
  • thanks Alex Charron.. its working fine .. i want the remaining time in (date minutes hour ) format.. i have total hour so how i will get data in that format – deck john Nov 28 '12 at 6:08
  • @deckjohn: Instead of putting it in a comment, I've updated the answer to include H:M:S. – Undeterminant Nov 28 '12 at 18:22

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