I have a problem with parsing JSON to Date object.

I use Jersey 1.14, Tomcat 7.

My Resource class:

    public class UserResource {
        public Response updateUser(User user) {
            // There are update in DB
            // but Date field always null
            return Response.ok().build();
        public User getUser() {
            // There are I fetch User from DB
            // Works fine, User instance returns in correct JSON
            return user;


My Model:

    @XmlRootElement(name = "user")
    public class User {
        @XmlElement(name = "name")
        private String name;
        @XmlElement(name = "myDate")
        private Date myDate;
        // Getters and Setters
        public String getName() {
            return name;
        public void setName(String name) {
            this.name = name;
        public Date getMyDate() {
            return myDate;
        public void setMyDate(Date myDate) {
            this.myDate = myDate;

My XmlAdapter for Date class:

    public class DateAdapter extends XmlAdapter<String, Date> {

        private static final SimpleDateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(

        public String marshal(Date v) {
            return dateFormat.format(v);

        public Date unmarshal(String v) {
            try {
                return dateFormat.parse(v);
            } catch (ParseException e) {
                throw new WebApplicationException();

Why in my POST method always null Date field? This JSON I am trying to send:


P.S. sorry for my bad English.

UPD. My client code:

    public class Tester {

        public static void main(String... args) throws FileNotFoundException, JSONException {

            Client c = Client.create();
            WebResource r = c.resource("http://localhost:8080/myapp/user/~/get");
            ClientResponse resp = r.get(ClientResponse.class);
            JSONObject entity = resp.getEntity(JSONObject.class);
            entity.put("myDate", "1988-05-31");
            r = c.resource("http://localhost:8080/myapp/user/~/update");
            resp = r.entity(entity, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON).post(ClientResponse.class);
            entity = resp.getEntity(JSONObject.class);

UPD 2.

I found a very stupid mistake in my app. Instead java.util.Date I used java.sql.Date in my Model class :(
Thats why Date field always was null.

  • Could you post client code of sending JSON? – secondflying Nov 29 '12 at 1:12
  • Thank you for your question. I posted client code. – chepiov Nov 29 '12 at 4:49
  • I follow the code and write a demo, but i doesn't work. It seems that DateAdapter is ignored directly. I also asked a question stackoverflow.com/questions/17057150/…. – Stony Jun 12 '13 at 3:29

Your server code are right. The error is in your client code:

resp = r.entity(entity, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON).post(ClientResponse.class);

should be:

resp = r.type(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON).post(ClientResponse.class,entity);
  • Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, it's not worked for me. What the difference on these methods? After looking API documentation I decided that there are no differences in these two methods. – chepiov Nov 29 '12 at 9:17
  • Sorry for my not careful test. I test your code in my environment again, It works well. In updateUser method, the user argument is right. Can you post your web.xml? – secondflying Nov 30 '12 at 1:35

You have to serialize/deserialize the date or you have to make the Date String.

private String myDate;

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