I need a Django Form Field which will take a list of strings.

I'll iterate over this list and create a new model object for each string.

I can't do a Model Multiple Choice Field, because the model objects aren't created until after form submission, and I can't do a Multiple Choice Field, because I need to accept arbitrary strings, not just a series of pre-defined options.

Anyone know how to do this?


Just use a regular text field delimited by commas. After you handle the form submission in the view do a comma string split based on that field. Then iterate over each one creating and saving a new model. Shouldn't be too hard.

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  • I considered this, but it would be a pretty big break with convention in my API. – Clay Wardell Nov 29 '12 at 18:18

I came up with a solution -- a little hacky but it works for now.

After grabbing the form data, I stash the list in a variable:
event_locations = form_data.get('event_locations', None)

Then I remove it from form_data, so the Django Form never gets the list:

if event_locations:
   del form_data['event_locations']

I instantiate my form with form_data, and handle the list separately:

f = NewEventForm(form_data)
for loc in event_locations:
  #create new models here

I realize this doesn't directly solve the question I asked, because we still don't have a Django Form Field taking a list, but it's a way to pass in a list to a view that takes a form and be able to handle it.

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