I want to pull a list of coordinates from a database into an array (Before displaying them on a map). however, in the database they are of type Number, and I can't figure out how to convert them to coordinates.

This doesn't work: Where I have an ATM object (The coordinates are for atm machines) with NSNumbers for latitude and longitude. This is in a loop with index i, in order to pull them out one by one. The atmsArray has already been loaded.

ATM *aATM = [self.atmsArray objectAtIndex:i];

CLLocationCoordinate2D coord=[[CLLocationCoordinate2D alloc] initWithLatitude:(CLLocationDegrees)aATM.Latitude longitude:(CLLocationDegrees)aATM.Longitude];

Shows up the errors: -CLLocationCoordinate2D is not an objectiveC class name or alias -pointer value used when a floating point value was expected -pointer value used when a floating point value was expected

I've tried a few different things but can't figure it out. If more information is needed, please let me know.


aAtm.Longitude and aAtm.Latitude are NSNumbers which are pointers and as such can't be cast to CLLocationDegrees. You need to use the double values of the NSNumbers.

CLLocationCoordinate2D coord;
coord.longitude = (CLLocationDegrees)[aATM.Longitude doubleValue];
coord.latitude = (CLLocationDegrees)[aATM.Latitude doubleValue];

As per this answer

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what you want is this:

CLLocationCoordinate2D coord;
coord.longitude = (CLLocationDegrees)aATM.Longitude;
coord.latitude = (CLLocationDegrees)aATM.Latitude;
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