I build my Eclipse 4 Application with Maven Tycho 0.15.0. Everything works fine except of the fact, that when i add

<property name="org.eclipse.update.reconcile" value="true" />

Tycho is ignoring the property and writing org.eclipse.update.reconcile=false to the config.ini.

I want my application to use every bundle that I drop in the plugins folder therefore I added org.eclipse.update.configurator and the above property.

Any ideas?

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As described on official site:

When setting the start level for org.eclipse.update.configurator, PDE/Build will also automatically set In addition to these properties, org.eclipse.update.reconcile=false.

In fact if you point

<plugin id="org.eclipse.update.configurator"/>

in .product file you always have default start level as a result


in your config.ini file.

Solution is not specify

<plugin id="org.eclipse.update.configurator"/>

in .product file. It still will be in plugins.

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