if I have a ConstraintValidatorContext and I'm constructing a ConstraintViolationContextBuilder using buildConstraintViolationWithTemplate(String messageTemplate), is there any possibility to pass custom parameter values?

The corresponding properties file would look somehow like this:

Foobar.invalidValue.message=Invalid value. Valid values are {VALID_VALUES}

I then would like to programmatically set the value for {VALID_VALUES}.

Do you have any ideas?


You can only refer to attributes of the concerned constraint annotation within message templates, e.g. like so for a constraint with attributes min and max:

size must be between {min} and {max}

So you could specify your valid values as annotation attribute.

If you're using Hibernate Validator as Bean Validation provider, you might implement a custom ResourceBundleLocator which returns bundles with keys for your values:

public class MyResourceBundleLocator implements ResourceBundleLocator {

    public ResourceBundle getResourceBundle(Locale locale) {
        //return a bundle with keys for your values, e.g. set dynamically

Then set the locator when obtaining a validator:

Validator validator Validation.byProvider(HibernateValidator.class)
        new ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator(
            new MyResourceBundleLocator() ) )

Alternatively you could just format and prepare the message yourself and pass it to buildConstraintViolationWithTemplate().

  • Thank you very much for this extensive explanation :) ! – parkerlewis Dec 7 '12 at 10:38

I found a solution that allows customized Constraint annotations with parameterized error messages: see this question for more details: Parameterized error messages for javax.validation.constraints.Pattern annotation?

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